Life is short.Enjoy every moment!

Enjoy!(1st spring look)


RO: “Viata este scurta. Bucura-te de fiecare moment!”…pare simplu, da, doar pare. De multe ori trec zile fara ca noi sa realizam ca am uitat ce inseamna sa iti pretuiesti cu adevarat viata. Fiecare intamplare, fiecare incercare si fiecare persoana care apare in drumul tau, este acolo cu un scop. Iti va da un sfat la momentul potrivit, te va face sa vezi viata si dintr-o alta perspectiva, sau, cine stie, va fi o piedica in calea ta, tot cu scopul de a te ambitiona sa lupti, sa iti impingi limitele, sa te maturizeze. Nimic nu este intamplator, nimic nu este cert, nu putem stii ce va fi maine asa ca,”(…)trăieşte, chinueşte/Şi de toate pătimeşte/Şi-ai s-auzi cum iarba creşte.”(ganduri)


EN:  “Life is short. Enjoy every moment!” … Seems simple, yes, it only seems. Often go days without us realize that we have forgotten what it means to truly cherish your life. Every chance, every trial and every person who comes in your way is there for a purpose. It will give you advice at the right time,it will make you see life from a different perspective, or, who knows, will be an obstacle in your way, always with the aim of getting ambition to fight and pushing your limits. Nothing is random, nothing is certain, we can not know what tomorrow will be like and that is why we have to enjoy every moment of our life!




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